Painter Paul Gauguin once said that in the study of carpets you will find all knowledge. History is woven into their patterns. In the richness of colour and strength of design lie the secrets of centuries of living and creating. The Oriental carpet or tribal rug continues a long tradition as an exotic art form, as well as a strong and versatile article for use.

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The Silkwood Trading Company is a rug shop in the old tradition, trading only in handmade pieces. Now also online, it is a place to stop and contemplate colour, texture and the fineness of the weaving tradition. Each rug is individually selected for its quality and appeal. Old and new rugs and carpets are sourced in Iran (Persia), Turkey, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.

Fine wool kilims or flatweaves, with vegetable dyes, are also imported from Konya, Anatolia. Most are woven in the villages around Konya or high in the Taurus Mountains which roll towards the Mediterranean.

Silkwood searches out rugs for individual patrons. It also offers a trial period, to ascertain that a selected rug or carpet is suitable for the desired location. The simplest of rugs can transform a room and extend its possibilities.

Silkwood, late of Moss Vale, is now conveniently located at the Mittagong Antiques Centre, an hour south of Sydney. Please contact us if you need help in finding a rug or kilim for your home.

Luri Kabuterang
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